Whatsup guys it's Max Barry owner of Max's Best Bootcamp andthis is your fat burning 10 minute kettlebell workout 10 exercises one kettlebell full length workout for weight loss set you r hiit interval timer for 30 seconds work 30 seconds rest first exercise is kettleball around the world next exercise is kettlebell toe taps 1-arm kb rows, now hit the deck we're going for the best cardio and core bodyweight plank move mountain climbers.

back to the 1-arms rows other arm.

next is a calisthenics movement designed to really get your cardio in.

Floor to sky which is a squat then reach for the sky.

then kettlebell deadlift exercise is next.

great for the boot.

Plank saw for 30 seconds.

Planks are the best belly fat burner exercises.

Now our big move, kettlebell swings.

Finally our last move in this beginner kettlebell workout is a leap over or jump over to quick plank.

Your heart rate will definately be cranking here! awesome job you guys I hope you liked this workout.

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