The 11 Minute Workout is the best workout to lose weight fast.

This high-intensity 11 minute are sufficient for: – Burning fat more quickly – Maximizing caloric consumption – Training the muscles of the whole body, – Improving health by reducing the risk of cardio vascular diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

okay you're going to like pop on your back squeeze the back into the ground and we're going to do really slow bicycles okay really slow we're just going to slightly lift your chest up the ground okay so 45 seconds on the clock three two one let's go so just squeezing if you want to if your neck hurts then you can just rest your head into your arm okay we're not twisting the body here were keeping it nice and smooth keeping ourselves nice and square so the good job guys just the lever moves this is number one you really want to work to get that six-pack you're going to have to go all the way through this workout no rest if you need to modify anything i'm going to give you a few different options so if you need to have a break here you can just relax your head down but for those of you we're going to keep pushing it that's it Joe bring those shoulders a little bit higher off the ground bring those legs a little bit lower to the ground okay five four three two one okay to your visa and we're just going to hold him for 25 seconds let's go so chest down when you have your head slightly up we use those apps in we're just type work those shoulders down I'm not I can feel like your legs are tingling to mighty shaking this is good though guys we really want to grab those ab muscles now if you can try and take a little bit further but you can't even extend those legs up just coming up to here is absolutely fine if you just want to keep trying five seconds here then coming back up again squeeze those ABS in are you trembling come on guys we're going to do this work into walls that six-pack breathe in and out come on just for a few more seconds to what okay come down here you have your knees bent arms are going to be over your head we're going to lose the momentum of your arms to come up twist one and then slowly back down stay with me on this place 45 seconds three two one let's go so I'm up come down over your head up twist and with your job guys now just listen to me twist twist and back down nice and slowly you job everyone come on keep the goat is just for you my friends and down you go you can bring those arms up twist a little bit turn around before and back down how are you feeling guys just remember I also going to look so awesome stick with this program make sure you're eating healthy and you're going to get incredible results we're with you the whole time let's do one more put all the way up twist and twist okay take out onto your front we're going to go come into a plank position so your elbows will it be directly underneath your shoulders we're going to come up onto your toes now the modified one is you're going to come onto your knees ok the next step you're going to come up here and then the third step we're going to rock forwards and backwards for 45 seconds let's go if you want to come up here stop I always think start with the hardest one first and then if you fall down no problem as long as you've given it a go and then you just be able to work yourself up to coming and hold it into a plank and then holding it Oh for a minute running it for two minutes and then being able to rock backwards in Port and this is just really going to help isolate those apps and really start to that that's it make sure that that tummy button is pull in towards the spine you going keep those legs nice and tight glutes pulled in and smile come on guys give me a smile don't ever take yourself too seriously when you're exercising three two one okay switching back over make sure you have got a nice map to actually lie on because we won't protect our spine so you're going to come down to the ground arms either out to the side or by here and you're just going to come up and you're going to be a heels flat to the ceiling or to the skies are you going to push up so really working those lower abs 45 seconds are you ready three two one let's go you really are just using the lower plant you're at your legs shouldn't move too much and really try and keep your feet flat good job that's it really try and push your shoulders into the ground keep your head nice and relaxed it's really sometimes if we have to kind of try and bring my head up really important just to let it relax to try and push that Vulcan a little bit higher off the ground oh we're so nearly there guys you almost halfway through its squeeze breathing in and out good job everyone 50 three two one ok we're going to hold our legs here we're going to bring it down as low as you can and then in extend back up again now if you can't get your legs any further than here until your back comes up that's kind oak roblem you go to hear you pull your legs in and you start again it's soon as this happens ok you know you've gone to buck so 45 seconds let's go you might want to put your arms out here for more support so come down as low as you can bring on these in and extend oh really starting to fill those ABS turn if you can feel it burning make sure your hashtag I feel the burn Rebecca and you guys are awesome you guys suck really a workout pictures so if you have any pictures please post them on our Facebook and Instagram page you can find out Rebecca Louise fitness I love seeing and they're so brilliant fantastic work guys come on it's Cupid going you want that six-pack you've got to work for it we're gonna do with you the whole way let's keep going for another 5 4 3 2 1 go I give me one more bring it down and squeeze ok we're going to come back to our decent we're gonna extend one leg out at a time so coming up here got one leg we're just going to swap it's okay nice and simple 45 seconds we are getting through our 11 boom so let's keep it going extending one hour and in the modified version is you're going to touch one foot on the ground and then you're going to change over so if you need to start with our modified version no problem just keep pushing legs out a little bit further keep them nice and straight drop your shoulders down and breathe are you really that are you keeping hydrated so so important don't try to lift those legs up if you can't drop those shoulders a little bit further back really feel the worm in your abs I can feel my six-pack going on you're gonna feel it two days give me 50 three two one okay come all the way back to lined up and now you have to burn it but I want to keep you going clear you get the lights are going to be up in the air we're gonna do 45 seconds going round to the right okay so clockwise so you need to have your hands here or out to the side try and keep your legs nice and straight if you want more of a challenge but that's no problem if you need your legs straight up in the air now this is a just a tiny little motion to just try and keep making little circles with your feet you guys are doing so incredible don't give up now this is not the time to give up you've got to keep pushing yourself until you get to the end of the workout even if you just do in five seconds of this at a time and then you need to have a break no problem whoo you're being your legs trembling you could be a burden you got this guy so keep going and guess what we are going to go to the left in three two wow that's it take a little circles round to the left the modified version you can bend your knees slightly that's going to help you little bit more but if you can the harder you want to make it the straight to your legs need to be okay gotcha just put your hand on your stomach and you really start to feel those muscles working how motivating is that we can really start to feel and look at those ABS you guys are so incredible let's just keep it going we've got to push it all the way through this workout oh I'm loving it it feels so good you've exercised you give so much adrenaline it's so worth it that's it let's keep it going just a few more exercises to go by four three two one ok last two exercise is yes 45 seconds each and then we are complete it so hands behind here I just wanted to bring your shoulders off the ground and all the way back down so it's kind of like a basic crunch by just really wanting to pull a little bit higher up 45 seconds let's go anybody like this and whatever exercise left you are so nearly there do not give up just try bring the shoulders a little bit higher off the ground each time making sure that you're using your ab muscles and not your head so don't rub your head too hard ok so you don't need to you can just put your hand by or by your head if your neck is hurting you can put some of the weight of your head in your hands that's really isolate those muscles squeeze in push your back into the ground and lift up those shoulders guys I'm so proud of you keep it going three two one last exercise we're going to go across and touch the opposite elbow to the opposite leg now this is our last 45 seconds so this has to be the best 45 seconds of the whole workout you promised me ok grilling so let's go 3 2 1 that's it just really try and touch that elbow do you need if you can't just get it as near as you can this is going to be our modified version even if you are doing a modified version he's going to stick with it eventually you're going to be able to do the full version and it's gonna feel so good we've got that can you feel the burn yes I love it good job guys come on just a couple of seconds left never finish until I've said the last five four three two one breathe in five four three two one and release those arms and come to standing message.

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