(slow music) – Hi guys, it's Julia Bognar and I'm here to give you an intense high intensity interval workout for your belly, for your butt.

We're gonna hit everything, yeah? We're gonna take it to the floor, but we're gonna start standing, getting a little bit warmer before we get started on our resistance training and then those 30 second bouts of high intensity workout, ready? So just gonna start withyour legs kind of wide and we're just gonna rock side to side, engaging your glutes.

Lean slightly over, that'sgonna make you work your belly.

Shoulders are down, side to side.

Watch your knees so itdoesn't pass your toes.

Send your hips back a little bit, getting your booty nice and warm.

Just a little side to side.

We're just gonna add a reach and a reach, adding a little twist for your obliques.

Nice and slow, nothing too tough yet.

Just getting your blood moving.

Getting those muscles ready to take it to the next level, right? For four.

Here's three.

Two and one.

Good, bring your feet in.

We're just gonna do a littlelunge and tap and tap.

Nice and easy.

Again, watch your knees, theydon't move past your toes.

Your back is flat.

I'm feeling it already in my abs, my glutes, nice and easy for this warm-up.

We're just gonna do four and three and two and one.

One more last move.

Just bring your arms in front of you.

To the side here, you can seeI'm gonna do a little crunch.

Alternating, reach yourhands to your toes.

Belly comes back like you'redoing a crunch in the air.

Give me four, three, two, and one.

A little warm-up there, solet's take it to the ground.

So you're going to bring your legs into a 90 degree angle,one directly over the other and 90 degree angle from your knee, to your hip, to your shoulder.

A box there and half box there, so relax your head into your arm and you're going to lift that top leg.

Moving from your hip, we'remaking some circles right here, so big circles, nice and steady.

So 45 seconds, we'regonna split that in half.

Go forward and backward forthe second half of that 45, but you'll see my ankle doesn't drop.

I'm not bending and straightening my knee.

I'm moving from my hip,really focusing on that glute.

You can bring your arm infront of you to help stabilize.

Good, nice big circles.

You should feel that right away.

So one thing people tend todo is let their heel drop.

Keep your heel high,we're gonna reverse it.

The other direction,changing it up a little bit.


Nice big circles.

Your whole leg moves as a unit.

You'll start feeling that, I'm feeling it right in that side booty area.

Right part to reach.

Get it nice and toned.

Keep going for four, three, but we're not gonnadrop it, don't drop it.

Two, I just want you tokick it in front of you.

Flex your foot, drop your toe so you can see what that looks like.

I'm still in that V,you're gonna tap and lift.

Oh yeah, so the straight legreally makes it a lot heavier and a little bit harder,you don't need weights.

Your body is plenty of body weight here.

Straight leg, drop your toe.

Don't let your heel drop below your toe.

Up and down right here, yes? Oh yeah.


Up and down, squeeze that leg straight.

If your leg is shaking, that's good.

That means it's working.

Where it's burning iswhere you wanna tone up.

That's good too.

Keep going.

So if this becomes too hard for you, you can bend your knee.

Otherwise, keep it straight.

It's heavier the straighter it is, four.

Three, two, (sighs) one.

Oh yeah, like right there (laughs).

Great job, so we're gonna hitour first 30 second burst.

So you're just gonna flip it around.

So we are going to a donkey kick in an X plank, so hands down.

More advanced, I want you to try to extend your donkey kicks straight into the air.

Something like this.

If you can't do that, just shiftforward heels to your butt.

The second part is justX out with your feet, so you're bringing itin, donkey kick, X out.

30 seconds, let's do this.

Donkey kick.

X out.

So you wanna keep your headlifted looking forward.

When you drop your head,momentum can shift forward and you don't wanna gofall backwards like that.

Not what we're about.

So again, if that becomes too hard, kick your heels to your butt.

Same movement.

You're just not going as high up.

So donkey kick, X out.

Three, one more.

Two and take it out in.

Woo, nice job.

You get to come back to the floor.

Swing your legs around.

It'll feel a nice little massage on that side when you come down.

So back to that other leg, same thing.

90 degrees here, 90degrees to my shoulder.

Lift and circle.

So look at my inner foot too.

I'm not lifting that toe.

It stays level with my heel.


So my whole leg is moving from my hip.

I'm not bending or straightening my leg.


Keep moving.

Big circles, go 'head andtake it the other direction.

Changing it up.

Oh yeah.

Nice job, you guys.

Again, you're gonna lock outyour leg in this position and only use your hipto move that leg around in those big steady circles.

Sometimes slow and controlled, lot harder.

Give me three seconds.

Two, one, perfect.

Kick straight out, yeah? Straight out in front of you.

Tap your toe, lift at your heel.

Tap and lift, let me move a little so you can see that angle.


My toe is below my heel.

Rotate your hip so that yourtoe stays below your heel.

What happens when you bring your toe up is it moves into your hip flexor.

You never hear anyone say, "I want some really nice hip flexors.

" You're going for the booty, right? Oh yeah.


Up and down, there'ssome burning happening.

Stay with it.

You guys are awesome.

I'm hurting, I'm sure you are too, but it's so worth it, hold on.

That leg's heavy.

Four, three, two, oh, one.

Oh yeah.

Pound it out, woo.

Nice job.

30 second high intensity burst.

So we're going to hit our abs.

We're gonna do a tuckup, a sit up tap squat.

Let me show you, sothere's three parts here.

We're gonna first just go into a tuck up.

Then you're going to roll yourself up.

Stay low, tap down.

Bring it back, take itback to the floor, yeah? High intensity, ready to do this? Let's go.

So we reach.


All the way up.

Tap down and back around.

All the way up.

Straddle tap.

Down, out.

Those abs right there.

Then you stay low, working that booty.

Abs and booty, people.

Tap down, good.

How you doin'? This is our last one.

Take it back.

Tuck, up, all the way up.

Tap and you're done.

Amazing, so that's one circuit down.

Second circuit, you getto stay on the floor.

I'm gonna swing my legs around this way, so you can see it from this angle.

We are going to send one leg up and lift your hips up and down.

So as we do this, I'mgonna make some variations.

So this leg in the air isdirectly straight up and down from your heel to your hip.

Push off the bottom heel.

Don't let your hips drop all the way.


Adding a little variation,we're gonna lift, drop, lift, drop your hips.

Squeeze, drop that leg,lift it, drop your hips.

Up, down, up.

Nice job, up, down, good.

Now we're gonna hold it up to the end.

Little baby pulses.

Push through that heel,really working that glute.

Yeah? Keep going.

Little pulses are the hardest.

Squeeze, we got four.

Three, two, one.

Woo, amazing.

Take your foot down.

Feet are about hip width apart.

You're going to lift, squeeze your butt, tap your knees together.

Open 'em and bring it down, here we go.

Lift, squeeze, and tap down.

Up and squeeze.

So creating your own resistanceby squeezing your muscles.

So there's a difference betweencreating your resistance and doing something like this, right? So you create that resistance,squeeze, open, drop.

Push through your heels,really working those glutes.

Up and squeeze.

Nice job.


Feeling it.

Up and squeeze it tight, open.

Pretend you're in a giantvat of peanut butter.

I'm not sure why youwould be, but it works.

Up and you wanna squeezeand then open it and drop.

Do two more, up, squeeze.

One more.

Up and squeeze, woo.

Nice job.

So our 30 second interval burst.

We're gonna take it aroundinto a plank position.

We're gonna do twomountain climbers forward, two with a twist, and side to side.

Let me show you once and we'll get going.

So we're going to go two forward, knee, knee, and then twist.

Twist two feet together.

We're going to go side and side.

So we're gonna keep that going.

Forward, forward, twist,twist, side, side.

Keep it going fast, 30 second burst.

This is where you crankup that heart rate.

Ready to do this? All right, let's go.

Knee, knee, twist, twist.

Side and side.

Forward, twist, and side and side.

Nice job, belly tight.

And up.

Nice job.

Lifting through that belly button like someone's pushing at it from beneath.

Knee, twist, and side.

One more.

Knee, knee, twist, and side and side.

Woo, nice job.

So we have one other leg to do.

Take it back to the ground, here we go.

So other leg is up this time.

Opposite leg, you're gonnapush through your heel.

Take it up and down, so straight up, starting slow and steady.

You're hovering right above the ground.

When you drop, push straight up.

This leg isn't in front of you.

It's just straight up anddown, going along for the ride.

Good, adding on.

Lift, drop.

Lift, down.

Squeeze, hips stay up when you drop.

Back down.

Up and drop.


One more, then we're gonna hold it up.


Right here, try to lift your toes out of your shoe on the floor.

Push through your heel.

Keep it as high as you can.

Great job.

Really focusing on thatbooty, give me four.

Three, two, one.

Amazing, drop your foot.

Feet hip width apart or a little wider.

Right into it.

Squeeze, inner thighs squeeze together.

Open, close.

Up and tap and down, good.

Up, squeeze.

Again, making your own resistance.

Once you learn to do that, you never really need weights again.

You create your ownresistance using your body.

Working through the wholeinside part of your muscle, not relying on any other weights for your resistance training.

Good job.

Squeeze, lift.

Down, up.

Nice job.

So close, really squeeze it.

You should feel it, two more, up.

Right there.

One more, bring those knees in and drop.

So great, you guys.

Take it up going intoan elbow plank to start.

So this is our high intensity burst.

We're gonna open and close our legs while we're bringing ourarms up, up, down, down.

So this is fun.

Take it slow if you need to.

You can do one at a time,so the exercise is this.

Up, up, down, down.

If you need to open, come up.

Close, go down, that's yourmodification, but keep it going.

Ready, 30 seconds, we got this.

Up, up.

So the key is to move an arm every time your legs open or close.

Up, up, down, down.

Up, up.


So I'm gonna switch tothe other arm first.

Don't worry about that if you're just getting the hang of these.

You're working both arms both times.

Up, up.

Four, three, two, and one.


Great job, that's two down.

We have one to go, yeah? So I'm gonna take it on to my side again.

My knees are tucked in closer this time.

So instead of this 90 degree angle, heels are gonna be closerto my butt right here.

On my elbow, not takingit all the way down.

My arm over is gonna help support me here.

My top leg, shoulder orknee comes towards my chest and then I lift off ofthe floor, kick out, yeah? So gonna move over here, maybe can see it a little bit better.

Hips are down, hand is supporting me.

Flex my top foot, hipcomes all the way up.

Thrust forward, tap down.

Here we go.


Kick out, so 45 secondsis gonna feel like a lot, so take it steady.

Really extend that heel, straighten it.


Get everything out of thatmovement that you can get.



Nice job, so exhale as you kick.

So my big toe again is down, right? Wherever is pointing upis where you're working.

If you turn your toe up like this, it's going into your hip flexor.

Kick, work that booty.

Rotate that top shoulderforward a little bit.


You'll feel it here too, I promise.

Down and up.

Exhale, squeeze.

You got this, you guys.

Give me five, four, three, two, and one.

Excellent, so we're gonna do a little bit of concentrated ab work.

Starting flat on your back,hands behind your back or behind your head.

You're gonna do two kicks.

Your upper body comes up with one kick.

It stays when your legs switch.

Comes down with the second, alternating.

So you're not coming up till full sit up.

It's a little more than a crunch.

Keep it steady, 45 seconds, we got this.

Up, up, and down.

Up, up, and down.

Kick, kick, and control down.

Up, up.


So holding yourself up alittle higher than a crunch.

Not all the way up, up, up,come down with that second leg.

Lift, switch.

Up, up, down.

Keep your elbows wide, keep your chin up.

Looking up to the ceilinginstead of down at your toes.


You guys are doing great.

I know you're feeling them, two more.

Here's one.

One more.

Up, up, and down.

Excellent job.

30 second interval, here we go.

So we're gonna go into adownward dog-type position, do a fast jog, lifting up at your belly.

So feet are wide, it's a wide dog.

Hands are flat.

We're gonna shift forward and jog.

Heels to your butt,side to side right here.

So nice and quick.

Belly lifted, using your core.

Shifting slightly forward and then work thoseheels towards your butt.

Nice and quick.

Never dropping your heel.

Landing on the balls of your feet.

It's a dog jog.

Like to call it the dog jog, keep going.

30 seconds, burn it out.

Watch your sweat trickleoff your face onto your mat.

Keep going for three, two, and one.


So we got one other side to do.

One more 30 second burst and that's it.

So take it down.

Remember this top arm, slightly forward.

Knees tucked in, 45 seconds.

Kick out, tap your butt.

So don't just drop halfway here.

I want you to tuck your butt to the floor.

Kick out.

Kick out like you'retrying to kick open a door.

Drop your butt.

Kick your foot.

Straighten that leg, really extend it out.

Oh yeah.

Sculpting those booties, I feel it.

Do you feel it (laughs)? You got it.

I'm right there with you,I'm feeling it too, you guys.

Stay with it.


Kick, tap.



Keep going, kick that door out and kick four more.

Three, two seconds.



One more set of those kick kick crunches, so take it flat again.

Ready? Nice and steady.

Up with the first leg, switch, and down.

Up, up, control down.

Lot of people tend to crash atthe end when you're dropping, but that's where you wanna work the most.

Working against gravity there.

Down, chin up.

Elbows wide.

Don't dig your chin into your chest.

Back down and up.

You guys got it, it's almost over.

Stay with it.

Four, three, do one more.

Two, and one.

So one more 30 secondintensive energy boost and then that's it, so you with me? We got this, so 30 seconds.

So we're going into a plank.

We're doing a pike up.

Let me show you, so from a plank, hips up.

Stay on your tippy toes.

Back, then we're gonna do a tuck in and out without touching your feet, so this is challenging, looks like this.

From a plank, knees in, out, got it? So if that's a little too much right now, drop your feet on that tuck.

30 seconds, let's get it done, here we go.

So pike up, tuck in, out.


In, out.

Keeping your head up.

Using your core, this is all core.

In, out.

You can do anything for 30 seconds.

Stay with it.

Legs straight.

Tuck 'em in, out.


Good, give me two more.

Last one.

Pike and tuck.


Such a good job, you guys.

Go 'head and just takea seat where you are.

Quick little stretch, you earned it.

One leg out straight in front of you.

Step over.

Let me go this way so I can look at you.

You're gonna turn into that thigh, push with your elbow, andlook over your shoulder.

Push through the floor with your back hand to sit up tall and twist.

How you feeling? (laughs) You guys aredoing great, you did great.

It's done.

You should feel great about yourself.

From this position, just turn it around.

Move it on to your back.

Slide your ankle over your thigh.

Grab your bottom thigh.

Without lifting your hips, pull.

Push your elbow into your thigh.

This one right here and breathe.

So hips are down.

One more stretch, we'regonna straighten that leg.

Grab above your ankle.

Let your hips lift.

Suck your belly down.

Pull in a little more.

Nice job.


Help yourself up.

Other side.

So I'm gonna go this way.

Cross your foot over your thigh.

Elbow on the outside, push,look over your shoulder.

Use your back hand to pushyourself tall and twist.


Then take it back.

Help yourself carefully to the floor.

Grab under your bottom thigh and pull.

With your elbow, with that cross leg, push out at the same time.

Make sure your hips stay down,your shoulders stay down.

Now you're gonnastraighten that bottom leg.

Grab above your ankle andbelly tight and pulling in.

Then you can lift yourhips off the floor safely.


Help yourself back upto that seated position.

Legs crossed in front of you.

Just reach to one side.

Bring your shoulder back and to the other side.

Lastly, interlace your fingers.

Push forward towards me, shoulders down.

Look at your belly, let your pelvis tilt, drop your shoulders.

One more breath, straight up, and exhale.

Shake it down.

Excellent job, you guys rock.

See you next time.