Okay, we're getting started in about 30 seconds.

Okay, so if you don't have your water, thenthis is the time to go ahead and grab your water.

If you want to turn on your air conditioner,go ahead and do that.

I can't turn on mine, because it will maketoo much noise.

I'm going to get this started.

We're going to into a warm-up.

We have 5 moves that we're going to do forour warm-up.

This is going to be so much fun.

One second.

For those of you all, who haven't done a liveworkout with us before.

We do these every Saturday on our Patreonpage – which is our support and bonus group for YouTube.

Where you can help support this channel sothat we can do more stuff here and bring stuff there.

We give lots of perks there, alright.

So those of you who haven't done these before.

It's a little different from my usual workouts,because you don't have all of the stuff.

all the information on the screen.

but what's great about that is that the timeflies by really really fast and you get to communicate and engage with other people.

So it's like we're all in this together – allfighting to get to that Fist Bump.

So it's definitely a different experience- and hopefully you all will enjoy it – and I think you will.

So get your last sip of water.

I'm going to start and then we're going in.

Thanks a lot Maria V.

I like the connection[too].

I pay a lot for internet [lol].

for theinternet speed.

So, we're getting started in just 10 seconds.

This is going to be 30 minutes long.

It's going to be a total body complete HIITworkout, alright.

So that beep is a little bit loud, so we'regoing to start by going right here in Jump Ropes.

Just jump and kick those feet right out.

Inhaling in through the nose and breathingit straight out.

Now, I'm going to be showing the modificationsas we do this – so if you're modifying, just kick it [those feet] out.


Just like that – or you can hop, going rightinto it.

The abs are tight, here.

You're breathing.

You're waking up that body.

It's early for some of us.

Some of us in some parts of the world.

For some of us, it's kind of late, alright? So wherever you are, work it! Straight from here, we're going right intoa Light Jog – so just jog it out.

Your abs are locked in.


and breathe – leaning forward.

Modify – you can do a Brisk March, here or bring those knees up.

Just warming up that body, here.

Don't stomp those feet.

Your abs are locked in the entire time.

and we're working on that cardio.

Just to get the blood flowing all throughoutthat body.

Straight from here, we're going into ShadowJabs.

So, it's going to take some coordination.

We're going to jab twice – and over.

Left and right – and breathe To modify, stand in place and punch left toright – or hop, leading with that front leg.

Without banging those joints.

There we go – and over.

Smile and have a good time.

We're all working out together, right nowlive.

This is an interactive workout and we're kickingsome butt.

From here, Three-Way Sprint.

So, I'm going to start from the right – yourleft – and we're coming up with our knees.

For eight – 5, 6, 7 , 8 – to the front.

5, 6, 7, 8 To modify, just jog instead of doing highknees.

Bring those knees higher – come on! 5, 6, 7, 8 5, 6, 7, 8 Now those of you all who may know a littlebit more about me, know that I'm a morning person.

So that's when I get most of my energy.

Right from here – Jumping Jacks So we're hopping up – BOOM!!! Exhale as those arms come up Inhale as they come down Stepping left to right, if you're modifying,but keeping that pace.


Our heart-rate is up.

This is the last move in the warm-up.

Then we have a 25 second rest.

Then I'm going to check on your comments.

I don't know who is commenting and workingout at the same time, but I'll check your comments then.

Breathe out.

Just a few more seconds.

Two! One! and breathe.

I'm turning down these beeps, because they'rea little loud.

and then I'll check your comments.

Alright, so.

Get a quick sip of water, people.

We have 15 more seconds.

Yo! You all are going a great job, here.

Kicking butt – I see you, Emma.

Up next, we've got Side to Side Hurdles.

25 moves – 40 seconds of work and 20 secondsof rest We're starting with High Knees – and we'reup.

Breathe 5, 6, 7 , 8 – hop over! BOOM!!! Drive those knees up.

7, 8, and back over! To modify, just throw your arm out and bringthose knees a little bit lower Then sprint to the front Then over.

5, 6, 7, 8 We're pushing away all of that fear, all ofthat doubt, all of those haters We're giving them the hand right now.

Come on! I'm doing 16, I'm doing a lot of sprints onthis side but just go with the flow Over! Come on! Get those knees up high One more – 5 seconds left 5, 6, 7, 8 – and breathe Abs are feeling it – great drills.

From here, we're going advanced I love that you all are interacting with eachother in the comment section.

To modify – squat, over, step down, up! Everybody else, we're going to squat.

twist Squat Ab Burpees! Okay? Watch me if you need to.

40 seconds, so we're squatting down Knees are up! Hop! Burpee! Push-up if you want to.

Back up! This time, right knee.

BOOM!!! Crushing those abs and down Come on! We're doing this live, so feel the energyof everybody else in the chat and know that you're working out with hundreds[actually thousands] of other people right now.

Come on! Down! Up! Come on! 12 seconds left Give me a few more 10 seconds left You can always modify and take breaks One more squat Twist! Breathe! WOOH!!! That is an abs crusher right there I feel you, Raja.

This is an intense workout.

Up next – Accordions So, we're coming down to the floor.

Get a sip of water – catch your breath Now, to modify You're going to push-up, then walk those handsout Push-up, then come back to narrow Standard [form] What we're going to do is a standard push-up Walk those hands back into a Pike [position] Down into a push-up Good! and forward Keep those abs tight – and down solid plank, here.

Walking it back.

Time is flying Kick some butt.

Let's go! and back! Really tighten those abs.

Exhale up Crush that core some more and then down – 15 seconds left Back! Down and up! Forward! Down! Back! Last one! Down! – and up! Breathe.

20 seconds to breathe it out.

One of your favorites – some of you know thatI'm being sarcastic with that, we're doing Tri-Jab tucks next So, to modify – you're going to go One! Two! Three! Knee! – 3 jabs to the other side Knee! – alternating.

Everybody else – do three [jabs] to a tuck WOOH!!! We're going to work that core Let's go!!! One! Two! Three! Tuck Jump! Landing softly on those feet.

and Up! You don't have to go this fast Go at your own pace.

It's all about your personal fitness level and going through your own journey Two! Three! and Up! Come on! Half-way through! 20 more seconds.

Two! Three! If you're modifying – Knee and over.

Just like that – 10 seconds Let's get one more on each side.

Come on! One more! Two! Three! Tuck! Make it to that beeper.

20 seconds.

I'm going to give you a shout-out.

Shout-out to Emma – who wants a shout-outin the comment section.

I see you all there.

I see you all are active.

What's up, Lena? From here, we're going into Cardio Circuit So to modify, you're going to jog [Jumping Jack] Jack it out, then back to aJog Everybody else, we're right in the front.

Jog for eight We're going to catch our breath here Seven! Eight! to the side.

Jumping Jacks.

Three! Four! Give me butt kicks as we turn.

Back up! One! Two! Three! Four! Sprint! Getting back into that cardio.

This is a great cardio move to catch yourbreath and get an active recovery Three! Four! Turning in the opposite direction.

and back up! Two! Three! Four! Smile! You're among good people 🙂 You're among good friends.

We're turning back over.

Two! Three! Four! Give me 8 Butt Kicks – then we're done! Breathe it out! Get some water.

You're putting yourself to the test.

Shout-out to Super Clay Mario.

Congratulations on getting a six-pack AllBollywood.

Up next, we're going for Super Jump for Joys To modify, you're going to go down, walk overinto a plank, and hop Everybody else, watch me right now Come up! Down! Push-up over! We're going to come up! Jump for Joy! and then down and over! Up! This is a tough, but fun exercise move We're going for four Over! Give me another push-up! Then we're going towards the left.

Total Body Drills here! To the left, push-up! Up! Hop it out! WOOH!!! and down! 15 seconds – WOOH!!! Total body, but you've got a 20 second restafter this.

Up! Give me one more! Come on! Down! Over! Push-up! Hop! My cardio is going through the roof! Way to go! WOOH!!! Alright, so Jordan froze for a few seconds.

Just refresh if it freezes.

We're going for HIIT & Runs This is an active recovery exercise, so ifyou're modifying you can stand in place.

Give me four jabs, then jog Other side Everybody else, we're going forward Catch your breath here, let's go! One! Two! Three! Four! This is still cardio, but we're breathingit out.

Forward! One! Two! Three! Four! Back! Going forward! Abs are tight here! Come on! and back! Abs are locked in! and forward! Two! Three! Four! Shout-out to everybody who is doing this live Shout-out to everybody who is doing this inthe future – kicking butt Let's go! and Forward! Two! Three! Four! Come back! Good! So hopefully you caught some of your breath- maybe not all of it We're going right back into cardio with SprinterDrills Good.

So, to modify this move.

What you're going to do is tap your knee.

Come up for eight or four.

Other knee, tap.

Otherwise, we're tapping the floor to HighKnees.

Go at the count that I'm going We're going to start with four Tap the ground – UP! Give me four High Knees.

Four! and Down! Give me four on this side! and down! Now give me 8.

Come on! Knees are up and abs are tight! 7, 8, and down! Other side – COME ON! 5, 6, 7, 8 We're going for 16 now Tap the right foot – and up! 5, 6, 7, 8 – another 8 5, 6, 7, 8 – lock those abs in – keep themtight 16 here – come on! 5, 6, 7, 8 5, 6, 7, 8 You might be getting tired Tap that foot – come up and give me 4! Or maybe twelve [laughing] Breathe it out.

I'm tired.

How are you all feeling? Up next are Level 1 Drills WOOH!!! What's up Chris [Eobard Thawne] I see youin the comments section We're going to come down Four push-ups and eight Mountain Climbers- then come up to a Burpee To modify – 2 modified push-ups and 4 knees,alright? So start in plank We're going Four! Three! Push-ups! Two! One more push-up! Eight Mountain Climbers! Come up! Hop! and back down! Give me four push-ups! Abs are locked in.

Your butt isn't in the sky Three! Four! Push-ups.

8 Mountain Climbers! 20 more seconds – half-way through with thismove Up! Hop! You're doing great! I know that you all feel this energy.

I told you that this is a different experience.

Four! Give me Eight! Hop forward and then we're done! Up! Hop! My legs almost gave up on me there! But we made it through! Sagat Sprints are up next Some more cardio, more HIIT, more MADNESS!!! Alright, I'm checking the online comment section.

To modify this move, we're going over forfour [knees] Two! Three, Four! Jog! Other side! or we're going to move with the room for standard.

COME ON! Abs are tight! Two! – crunch that core! Four! – think about all of that food thatyou all ate the other day [Thanksgiving] and we're working it right now Abs are tight – come on! Two! Three! Four! It's okay to have a day where you eat andenjoy yourself But get back to work.

Get back to that diet.

and get back to thegoal.

Come on.

Eight! Back over! Breathing hard! This is move number 10 – we're pushing throughthis workout.

and if you love these live workouts, we'redoing another live workout tomorrow morning on Patreon.

So join us there.

Links are in the description.

I'm doing an extra one.

BOOM!!! WOOH!!! Catch your breath.

Up next.

It's time to get into those legs with cardio Jab Squat Combo Your chest is up Down, up! Down, up! Uppercuts for four! and Down! That's your modification.

Or Hop! So! We're coming into a squat and up! Squat and jab.

Four uppercuts and over! Two! Three! Four! Left and right! and down! down! Come on! Two! Pushing the limits of our body Push right to the edge of your comfort zone,but don't push over and that way you extend your comfort zoneeach time getting better every day Come on! Down and up! Breathing it out! 10 seconds! One more! Down and up! This is a 30 minute live workout.

and you're doing an amazing job.

Breathe WOOH!!! You all are an inspiration too [reading onlinecomments] Super Clay Mario – we're going to do a Q&Aonce or twice per month on Patreon.

So join us there, if you want to do Q&As Up next Side Knee Climbers.

So, we're going to do four knees to modify,jog, four knees, jog or four knees to mountain climbers Let's go! One! Two! Three! with the knees! Down! Hit the floor! 8 mountain climbers.

5, 6, 7, 8, hop up to a burpee.

Knees on the right side – come on! You got energy! Three! Four! Hit the floor! and eight! and over! This is how you pay yourself off for all ofthe crazy workouts of mine that you've done.

Because it helps you build stamina to be ableto do these without all of the extra cuts, edits, and breaks.

We can go right through this live.

Kicking butt! Like we do in the videos.

One! Two! Three! Four! Breathe.

I'm going to give you an extra 2 seconds onthat clock.

And those 2 seconds count.

Catch your breath.

Hey, baby.

So, my wife is online in the chat room.

So, why don't you come up here and join us[laughing].

No, I'm just messing with you [lol].

Alright, up next we're doing Toe Tap Kicks.

You can tap your knee and kick up.

Tap and kick.

Half on one side and half on the other asa modification.

Otherwise, we're getting down Tapping that toe, shooting that foot back,and kicking up! Down! BOOM!!! Using that core! and kicking.

Stick when you hit the floor, then chargeup.

BOOM!!! Stick it! Abs are tight! and charge up! Kick like you mean it.

Come on! One more on this side.

Down! Exhale.

BOOM!!! Using that core on the other side.

Left hand to right foot.

There we go! Turn up, people! Bring the intensity and work it.

That's what HIIT is about.

Doing your best and challenging your body.

One more.

Let's make it to this beep.

BOOM!!! Breathe.

My legs are on fire.

WOOH!!! Inchworm Ladders.

Alright, so I'm going to show you the modification.

You're going to do two knees.

Walk your knees down, come low, then walkforward.

Knees are down, do a push-up if you want to,then walk it back.

or we're going to start with a tuck.

So one tuck jump.

Walk down.

One clapping push-up.

Come on! and back! WOOH!!! I know that you felt that.

Give me two [tuck jumps] and down – come on! Two clapping push-ups! Abs are tight! Walk back into that inchworm.

Up! Three! Forward! Three Claps [push-ups] if you can.

I almost did a burpee back.

Four tuck jumps 10 seconds left.

Walk forward.

Give me one clap [push-up] Back! WOAH!!! I told you, these are total body workout drills.

You're going to feel it.

This is move 15 – just 10 more to go.

Way to chat, people.

I'm DEFINITELY going to do more Geek Workoutscoming up, soon.

Up next Standing Abs Burpees.

We're going left, right, to modify – thenfour knees Alright? Or your hands are behind your ears – I knowthat you're tired.

Let's go! One! Hopping it! Two! Three! Four! Using that core.

Standing up and crunching those abs and obliques.

For 4 in each direction, then hop – explodinginto those abs.

For a crazy standing cardio abs move.

Come on! Ahhhhh!!!! I'm struggling.

But we're doing our best to hit our goals Give me four more Whether your goal is weight loss, or yourgoals are to gains strength, or endurance, we're here for you.

Three! Four! Give me four over.

WOOH!!! I'm struggling here for balance.

Yes! Way to crush it! Alright, so not only are we going to do moreGeek workouts, we're going to do Cosplay workouts coming up soon.

More information on that soon, I'm talkingto a few sponsors about it.

Up next, we're going into Plyo Heismans.

To modify, you're going to come down – sprint[over] Then down and over Or we're going to tap the floor from the side.

Down! and over! Give me four knees.

Sprint for eight.

We aren't done yet! We've got 9 more moves after this.

Come on! We came here to get the best results possiblefrom this workout, so bring it! This is cardio heavy.

We also have some [bodyweight] strength, someplyometrics moves.

My abs are on fire and my lungs feel likethey are going to BURST! But I'm feeling the energy of you all onlineit the room.

I know that you all are fight right with meon the other side of the screen.

and that's motivating me, so hopefully, that'smotivating you too.

Come on! Down! 5 seconds! BOOM!!! Come on! and breathe WOOH!!! Okay, so Misty has her "second wind" – I wantto be like you, when I grow up, because I need my "second wind".

Up next, we're going to do Squatty Pippens.

So modify here, Squat Down, hop over.

Shoot! Other side and up! Otherwise, we're going to hop into it.

I need my "first wind', let alone my second.

Chest is up.

Squat back, hop over, shoot! Butt back – keep your chest up, as we squatdown.

Come to the front – hop! Let's go! 30 seconds here! Breathe it out! The good news is that time is flying by.

The bad news is that I don't want this toend.

So let's go.

Over! and Up! Bring that energy! Breathe! Come on! We're gladiators.

We're champions.

and we're crushing our goals.

This is a moment in time right now, whereyou are taking control of your destiny.

Shoot! BOOM!!! Way to go! It definitely counts, this DEFINITELY makesa difference.

180 Switch Lunges.

This is a failure move, so do your best.

To modify – lunge diagonally at a 45 degreeangle Other leg We're going to do our best We're going to switch lunge going over 180degrees So let's switch! Turning as you do a lunge here Mind over matter, at this point.

Don't bang those knees into the ground.

Keep that chest up.

Other direction Feelng that burn – come on! If you stop and take a break, that's perfectlyfine Speaking of the devil [hits legs] WOOH!!! This is a failure move.

This workout is designed to make you fail- and to push yourself.

Because we're not just challenging our body The most important thing is to challenge yourmind – and built discipline.

Come on! 10 seconds! My legs are shaking! and wobbly! We've got 5 more seconds.

Come on! That's what failure is about.

Doing your best and challenging yourself.

We're keeping that form on point.

[responding to online comments] there is noBurnout today, but.

I just recorded an exclusive Patreon workoutyesterday, that will feature a burnout.

It's going to come out at the end of the monthon Patreon.

From here – football drills.

Modify as best as you can.

Coming up into a shuffle – or come low intoa shuffle like this.

Shuffle those feet.

We're going towards the right.

Shuffle – 4 Jumping Jacks.

Crossing it over! Two! Three! Four! Shuffle! Push that butt back.

Chest is up! Hit the deck and give me four push-ups.

or modify with your knees on the ground fortwo.

Three! Four! Push-ups! Shuffle! Legs are on fire – especially after that lastmove.

Over! Half-way through.

Jack it out! Two! Jumping Jacks.

Shuffle those feet.

Burning through those quads.

Hit the deck and give me four push-ups.

10 seconds – One! Two! Three! Four! Up! Shuffle.

3 seconds left.

This is move 20 out of 25.

We're going to catch our breath here – foran active cardio recovery move.

Striker Combo.

To modify this out, you're going to stay up-top Over! Down! Down! Or just stay up-top.

Alright? WOOH! I've got sweat in my eyes.

Let's go! Over! Over! Down! Drive that knee in! That spine, that back is at a 45 degree angle Crunching that core! as you drive those knees forward.

Working on that six-pack and that cardiovascularstrength at the same time Sweat is flying all over the floor – and we'redoing our best.

Half-way through with this move.

Just 5 more exercise moves.

Left! after this.


Come on! Up! See your goals right in front of you and strikewith those knuckles – to hit it.


Stand tall.

You're doing great.

From here, we're going into ISO Tap Sprints.

We're going to tap the floor for four, andcome up for 8 [sprints] FitFambo is sweating and look!.

I'm with you, homie.

I got sweat all over the place.

I know that you all sweating.

You all are making new friends [online] andthese are the friends who are going to help you push through your goals.

To modify, you're going to tap in place forfour Otherwise, we're going to tap the floor Going over – Four! Arms are out! Chest is up, butt is back.

Three! Four! Sprint for 8.

Cardio and abs.

Once again, it's sort of a theme with thisworkout – let's go! One! Two! We're being live, we're being interactiveonline and up! Over! Two! Three! Still doing our best with every single rep- and every single exercise move.

There we go.

Four more fat burning exercises.

After this.

AHHHH!!! Legs are on fire! Give me 8.

Come on "second wind' I need you.

Where you at? Box Push-ups coming up next.

I see that Super Clay Mario is in here tryingto get subscribers.

Hey, man! Don't be leaching my feed to get subscribers,man.

You have to hustle like the rest of us.

Everybody else, to modify, we're going tocome down to a push-up – walk over to push-up Okay, standard form Solid plank – we're going to do a push-up.

Walk over.

One! Two! Push-up! Going forward – abs are tight.

Come on! We're still fighting! Down and up! Over! Push-up! Back! Keep those abs tight, as you walk back.

Push! Let's reverse, going forwards.

Half-way there.

Don't have that butt in the sky.

Solid spine.

Good plank here.

We're crushing this workout.

This is an abs crushing workout.

Right here.

One more over.

Down and up! Push-up! Bring those knees to the ground and breathe.

We've got 3 more moves.

From here, front to back Jumping Jack sprints.

Jenna is in the UK sweating like a BEAST! Misty has "got my back" I got your back too.

Now, what we are going to do to modify Four jacks, then jog.

Or we're going to modify forward.

Then we're going to do for going standard.

One! Two! Three! Four jumping jacks and back.

Sprint back for eight.

This is still cardio, but we're catching ourbreath here.

We have two more exercise moves after this.

We're so close, people.

Then we're going to stretch it out.

and getthat Fist Bump.

That we DEFINITELY earned today.

Live and in real-time.

Come on! 15 seconds.

Back! WOOH!!! Breathing it out.

Forward! Two! Three! Four! Back! WOOH!!! I'm going to give you that rest.

This is the 2nd to last move.

We're doing one leg sprints.

Crazy cardio.

We have two more moves, Raja.

To modify, we're going to be up a little bitmore.

Half of the way here, then to the other side.

Everybody else is going to get lower.

We're going to start with our right leg out.

Left leg is all the way back.

Crunch that core, 45 degree angle on yourspine – and we're UP! COME ON! It's like we're running through a marathonwith one leg.

We're working the quads on that right leg.

Flat abs Thrusting that knee up on the left.

Exhale every time that knee comes forward.

Give me Five! Four! Three! Two! One! Switch! Other side – left leg is in front.

and let's power through.

We've done plyometrics in this workout, HIIT,balance, strength, definitely lots of cardio We've hit [worked] our abs and we're pushingthrough.

One more exercise move to go This is it – Speed Jugglers! The move you love to hate.

So catch your breath right now.

I see some complaints [in the online comments]already [lol] What we're going to do – you're modifying Left and right – or you can tap your heels Left and right We're going to start off with moderate speed.

Then we're going to speed it up.

Last move! Tap those knees – driving those abs up! You're going to twist those heels up – tappingthose heels This is cardio.

We're working on that six-pack at the sametime.

Add some speed – COME ON! 30 seconds! You can do anything for 30 seconds.

No matter how crazy the exercise move is Just a little faster – COME ON! Get intense! You pushed through this entire workout tomake it to this point.

15 seconds.

Go as fast as you can go.

I know that those legs are heavy.

I know that you're tired.

But you just got 5 more seconds to keep onpushing.

Sweat is everywhere.

We're tired.

The hard part is over – 20 seconds of rest.

From here, we're going to stretch it out.

Don't skip the stretch.

Then we're going to come back and get thatfist bump.

Way to "rock it", people.

Hard work.

I see Chris aka Eobard Thawn – he's feelingthose jugglers.

I see all of you are doing a great job.

Let's go into our cool-down stretch Hug and Love.

Kicking those feet out.

Taking this time to appreciate our bodiesand push through to hit our goals today, with this live online HIIT workout.

25 exercises, 30 minutes.

We kicked some butt.

Chest is up, we're going to push our buttback.

Let's recover that body.

Exhale down.

Lock the opposite hands to elbows – and we'regoing to rock left and right.

Relaxing those abs, relaxing that spine.

Legs are straight.

From here – hands under your shoulders.

Knees under your hips.

Cat Stretch.

So exhale, going into a Cat Cow.

Abs are tight.

Inhale – bringing it down.

We've got sweat dripping on the mat.

Exhale – you're doing great.

Inhale – and down.

Exhale – at your own pace.

Taking care of that body.

Way to work it, people.

Feet together.

Knees are separated.

Hips are back, we're reaching those handsforward.

and we're going to take the left hand to theleft – put the right hand on top of the left hand.

We're pushing our hips back towards the right.

Right armpit is down towards the ground.

We just worked out live together.

Let's take care of that body.

Right hand towards the right.

Left hand on top.

Hips are back and towards the left.

Sweat is all in my eyes.

This is a sweaty workout, people.

But it's also a fun workout.

and we had lotsof fun together.

"It ain't no fun, if the homies can't havenone" – something like that [lol] Alright, from here We're going to inhale up, left leg is out Exhale – hands down to those feet.

Pushing that left knee back.

Working the calves, the hamstrings, the glutes- stretching out your spine, your back Your abs are tight – as you pull up on thosetoes.

Flexing the foot back.

Let's come out of this nice and slowly.

Rolling forward.

Coming back.

Other side.

Inhale up.

Exhale down.

Grab onto those toes Push the knee back Exhale – going deep into this stretch here Pushing the knee back – working the calves,the hamstrings, up to the glutes /that butt – stretching out your back, tighten your abs.

Roll forward.

The final two stretched – we're almost thereto that Fist Bump.

So, the right foot is down – I've got sweatflying off of my lips, so we're going to reach under.

Left foot with the left hand.

Knees are down – hips are forward.

Extend the hand forward.

Lock those abs in, people.

Hold onto a wall – if you need to, for balance.

You all did an amazing job.

One more side – 15 more seconds.

Then you're going to get a Fist Bump, likea lot of you all never had before – A live Fist Bump.

Live and in real-time.

Extend that arm out.

Catch your breath.

Here comes that moment, people.

Come out of that nice and slowly.

Here's your Fist Bump! You DEFINITELY earned it.

Getting it live and.

BOOM!!! Fist Bump! Way to "rock it"! Look! We kicked so much butt that I almost fellinto that Fist Bump.

But that's how we do it! Kicking Butt!! Bringing it here, for this live – my sinusesare kicking up – this live workout.

Now, we do live workouts every single Saturdayon our Patreon, if you subscribe for the weekly workout level, okay? Everything that you all do on Patreon helpsgive us more, so that we can do more – and give more back.

Because me goal is to bring you all the bestpossible things.

So helping us there and supporting us thereallows us to do even more.

So, we're going to do a live workout tomorrow,at the exact same time on Patreon.

So if you're not a member, go ahead and checkus out there.

Sign up for the weekly workouts and we'regoing to kick some butt.

I'm going to check you all here [online comments]on the chat.

Give a few more shout-outs, then we're goingto end this, do a stretch – where I stretch out my entire body, get some healthy food- none of that Thanksgiving food – and then we're going to kick some butt.

So, shout-out to everyone here in the chatsection.

Look, you all kicked so much butt.

I felt all of your energy.

I see the Fist Bumps right now.

As a matter of fact, if you're still doingthis workout and you're still in the chat room – if you still haven't hit that likebutton already, go ahead and hit that like button right now.

And I don't know? Maybe we might do something like this duringanother Holiday, depending on how much support this gets – but we're definitely doing themevery week.

So thank you so much.

Until we come back and kick some more butt,next time.

for those of you all who are doing the live workout with us tomorrow – I'llsee you then.

Otherwise, I'll see you Monday.

Until then, It's your friend Millionaire Hoy.

Take care and Peace Out.

Source: Youtube