whatsup its Max Barry, owner of Max's Best Bootcamp, and this is how to makehealthy avocados toast 4 ways Healthy breakfast ideas like this are quick and easy and we are making the avocado on toast homemade from scratch using almond flour then we will show you how to make smashed avocados spread and 4 ways to top it get ready to make your new favorite healthy breakfast recipes right nowthe first part of our avocado toast recipe is to make the bread and I put that in quotesbecause there's actually no flour whatsoever in this recipe we've replacedit all with almond flour and it only takes 2 minutes in the microwavemicrowave mug cake bread the first thing your gonna do is mix the wet ingredients sothat's one large egg 2 tablespoons unsweetened applesauce at all the dry ingredients so that's onequarter cup of gluten free nut flour one quarter teaspoon baking powder and a pinch ofsalt stir all ingredients together until just combined now grab your mug spray with cookingspray and add your batter right into the mugwent to stamp the month down on thecounter a few times to get rid of any air bubles now cook in the microwave for 2 minutes removed the gluten free bread from the mug slice it inhalf placing your toaster until golden brownand delicious this is gonna be your go-to when you really want somesandwich bread without the guilt now I went ahead and doubled this batchof the so we can show you those four ways that we're gonnamake our avocado toast so I'm gonna set this aside and show you how to make thesimple easy avocado spread its onlythree ingredients and we're going to be using it on all versions ofavocado toast recipe today now this is a base recipe you can goahead and use this any way you like including eating right out of the bowlit starts with one whole avocado slice in half remove this seed and then makecuts doing lengthwise and width wise this will make it easier to just emptyright into the bowl then add 1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemonjuice lastly a pinch of salt and then just mix it all together very exciting we made our healthy bread fromscratch we made our avocado spread and now it'stime to show you 4 delicious ways to top your healthy breakfast all four ways start exactly the same byapplying the avocado spread on our homemade microwave mug bread the first lay we'reshowing you how to top it is simply the way it is classic auto toast and youknow sometimes the simpler the better the second way to top your avocado toastis within over easy egg and we're gonna show you how we made it in a mug in themicrowave it takes just 30 seconds to make it over easy egg in the microwavethis mug cake recipe takes less than 1 minute and before you know it you've got aperfectly cooked over easy egg that you just made in the microwave oven so quick and easy sprayed with cooking spray crack 1 largeegg into the mug then cook in the microwave for 30 seconds removed from the microwave and thenadd it to your toast and that's how you make a 30 second over easy egg in a mug slideit right out of the mug onto the gluten free bread the third way to top your avocado toastis with some crispy microwave bacon the fourth way to top your avocado toastis with wild caught smoked salmon garnish with fresh parsley and enjoy now this is how you make healthy avocadotoast 4 ways we hope you like this recipe guys if you did smash the like button su bscribe to our channel share thisvideo and if you have any questions about this healthy breakfast recipe for ideasfor future recipes then go ahead and post all that down the comment sectionbelow thank you for watching this video havean awesome day.