8 Minute Workout For Women – How to Reduce Belly Fat Within 14 Days How to Lose Fat and Get Toned amazing ab workout for you Tabata style so it's four exercises and you're going to do them for 20 seconds each and you have 10 seconds to rest in between each one so let me show you how it has the breakdown goes and then I'll I'll break each exercise down for you afterwards ok guys so I've just completed one round of this workout so as you can see it flows really nicely from one exercise to the next you have 10 seconds to change so first exercise is just a plank so from here lift your hips up hold the plank 20 seconds hips are down squeeze through glutes brace your abs nice and tight pull your belly button in towards your spine and hold it you're nice and tight for 20 seconds and you can lower down and all you're gonna do is to swing yourself around or just roll over because I'm looking at you guys keep my eye on you ok now I'm going to look up here take my feet up and lift my head neck and shoulders off the mat and I'm going to twist and twist so opposite shoulder to me try not to go elbow to the knee because you'll just you'll kind of cheat keep the elbows wide and Matt what you really have to rotate your torso sides slide you into that for 20 seconds and then lower down and you go back into the plank and then back into your oblique twists ok for the second minute the third minute we come down and you have sit ups with your heels up so toes on the ground and lift your heels this is going to help you activate your lower abs a lot more so from here just hands behind your head and you exhale up inhale lower down exhale up inhale down and you do that for 20 seconds if you start to feel a tension in your neck then you're going to try taking the tongue to the roof of your mouth it's just a like a little old trick and it just helps to relax some of those necks flexors if they start to get too much tension and then from there you have 10 seconds to transition take the feet up into tabletop so knees are over the hips and feet are in line with the knees hopefully mine are and then I'm going to exhale comma hold it here and you're going to pull forward and you're going to reach that bottom rib to the hip reaching your fingertips long okay and then lower down and then you repeat that again sit ups table top and then you've completed your first round so you have a minute to recover and stretch so you're here I love doing a swan stretch after I've done ab workout it's just a nice release so just take the feet apart and reach up lengthen through the ABS and then lower down so you have a minute to stretch there and you're in the perfect spot to start this again up into your plank here yep so you're going to do that two more times to complete a 15 minute ab workout so keep doing this you're going to get some really sexy abs defined abs and if you keep your core really really tight you'll help to train them to keep them nice and flat as well okay so just you know when you do it really think pulling my belly button in during the during the plank okay because we work all four sets of abdominals on the plank so it's really really great to do that and you also work all the muscles along the spine so it's really good strengthening exercise so just really fight to do it properly okay and um instead of just dropping if you get tired come down and rest okay don't just drop in the lower back it's better to rest and then come back into it if you need to if you break it up into 10 seconds if your begin or anything like that and if you need a timer you can get that in it gymboss one I have so that way you don't have to count and it just makes it really easy for all your work out you don't have to count rep anything you just set the timer and it goes so for anyone who doesn't like counting me this is a really great alternative okay so other than that subscribe to the channel for work out some monday wednesday friday and schedule yourself into train with us i love training with you guys.

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