What's up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.


Today we're going to dispel some myths outthere when it comes to burning fat when doing ab work.

Now we know that there's no suchthing as spot training.

You can't spot reduce belly fat by doing ab exercises.

What you can do is utilize your time a littlebit more efficiently and you can make an ab workout a fat burning workout if you use theright exercises.

We do this all the time with ATHLEANX.

We combine conditioning with core trainingto make sure that you hit both needs, but you get it done a lot faster.

So today I wantto show you exactly how to do that right now.

You're going to use a floor and some socks.

That's it.

If you have cement like I havebehind me, perfect.

If you have a hardwood floor, even better.

But the idea is, if you'regoing to turn your ab workout into a fat burning workout it has to be long enough.

You can't do your abs for three minutes, orfive minutes.

That's a whole different angle and it's an approach we use a lot in ATHLEANXwhen we really just want to focus on training our abs.

in this case we're getting more ofa conditioning workout, and of course using our abs at the same time.

So how do we get an ab workout that we cando for 15-20 minutes? Well, it's pretty simple.

We get up here into a plank position and thenwe're going to go and do a fast mountain climber.

Now, this is a little easier position herethan down on your elbows.

So if you want to be down here on your forearmsyou're going to do that, but you're going to drive into a fast mountain climber ad you'regoing to do that for 30 seconds.

So you're using the ability of your feet to slide onthe floor to make this a little bit easier.

Just got to drive them up.

Obviously, this,over time, is going to cause the conditioning benefit.

Now, from here we come up onto ourhands and we're going to drive up.

We call this a gymnast ab move.

We're going to keepour legs straight and slide our butt up in the air and then down.

Up and down.

Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine,Ten.

Then back down to your forearms and go.

Now, if you have to rest at any point youcan rest on your knees, but in a plank position, okay? So get your arms down.

You can see theabs are still working here.

Down, but instead you want to keep it going.

Now, from here, once you hit your 30 again come up to your hands.

This time, swing yourknees in to the side and then swing your knees into the side.

Two, two.

Three, three.


Five, five.

Back down and drive them out.

This time bring them to the side this way.

Which looks like this on the camera.

Do them at an angle.

Keep it going.

Once you're done,back to the top, in and out.

Four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.

Back down.


So, essentially, all you're doing is mountain climbers.

You can see I'm already breathing fast.

Mountainclimbers, you're either driving them straight forward or at an angle.

Right or left.

You'redoing the gymnast abs, pulling in straight legged to the center, or the knee slide twistthat way.

Right and left, five and five.

The idea is that you can definitely turn anab workout into a conditioning workout and still make it an ab workout if you know whatyou're doing.

I show you step by step – not just thisworkout – but how to do it through all of our workouts in the ATHLEANX training system.

We say we put the "Core" at the core of everything we do.

This is no exception.

Conditioning can also incorporate the coreand it makes for much more efficient workouts that get you results faster because you don'thave to spend 30 minutes doing each objective, all right? If you've found this helpful leaveyour comments and thumbs up below.

In the meantime, if you want a complete program,the ATHLEANX training program, train like an athlete, start utilizing your time moreefficiently and get better results in the process.

It's available over at ATHLEANX.


All right, guys.

I'll be back here again realsoon.

See you.