Hey, I'm Kristin Shaffer, national level bikinicompetitor, mom, and businesswoman.

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I'm always looking for creative ways to combineour clean foods in fun and interesting ways that bring out different flavors in orderfor us to be able to sustain this clean eating lifestyle for life.

And I know a lot of you foodies out thereare trying to do that as well, so today I'm going to share with you one of my favoriterecipes.

Today we're going to take three foods—rolledoats, egg whites, and almonds—and combine it in a creative fashion to create almondprotein pancakes.

These are super simple to make.

So first of all, you need just a few ingredientsto top off your pancake when you're done.

I like using ground cinnamon just for flavor,SweetLeaf Sweet Drops.

These are great.

It's liquid Stevia.

I love these.

They come in a ton of flavors.

I'm kind of a liquid Stevia addict.

This particular one is English toffee.

It tastes a lot like maple syrup and it'szero calories.


I have my rolled oats and I'm going to breakout, separate my egg whites.

I eat a ton of eggs, for most of you thatknow that, and then today I'm using almond butter.

Now, you can make almond butter yourself,which I'm not going to do because I'm really limited on time, as most of us are.

So another way to get almond butter, justpure almonds, is to go to the grocery store.

A lot of the grocery stores have these grinderstoday that make the almond butter right there fresh for you.

I would stay away from the processed jarredalmond butter that you can buy just like peanut butter because, oftentimes, they have a lotof unwanted ingredients.

This is just literally pure almonds all groundup.


So the first thing you're going to want todo is preheat your skillet with a little bit of…I've got Pam olive oil.

I already measured out my rolled oats.

I used 25 grams.

I'm going to separate my egg whites.

Mix the egg whites with the oatmeal.

Add about a dropper-ful of this liquid Stevia,English Toffee Flavor.

And while I'm waiting for the skillet to heatup, I'm going to go ahead and measure my almonds out.

Now, normally I have 20 grams of almonds,but since I'm including my almonds from my second meal into this first meal today, Iam still going to use 20 grams but it's 20 grams of the almond butter so I'm going togo ahead and measure that out.

That's what it looks like.

So now I'm going to pour this mix into theskillet and then flip it over when it's brown just a little bit on one side, just like apancake.

Now, when the almond butter comes out of themachine it's pretty chunky and very difficult to spread, so I heat this up for almost 30seconds in the microwave and it makes it a lot easier to spread on the pancake.

So then, lastly, you just add a dash of cinnamonjust for flavor, and, voila, you have your almond protein pancake.

It may not be the prettiest thing on the planet,but it tastes absolutely delicious.

Go ahead and give it a try and let me know.

Well I hope you try and enjoy this recipe.

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Yeah, it's not the prettiest thing ever but,oh, my gosh.

It is good.



It's really good, and competition-safe ifyou guys are, like, getting ready for a competition.

This is what I'm eating right now.