Hey, you guys! I'm Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXXfor Women and today I'm going to give you a workout that's going to get you beach ready.

Come on, let's go! There are five exercises in this workout.

You're going to do them three times.

It's going to be a 15 minute workout.

Set yourinterval timer for 15 rounds.

10 seconds of rest, 50 seconds of work.

You're going toneed some dumbbells.

I'm using 5lb weights.

You will also need a box, or a step, or chair,or bench.

Something you can jump your feet on to do elevated pushups.

So, exercise number 1, you're going to needthose weights.

Here, hold them out.

You're going to get in a squat and you're going toreach down and touch your foot.

Back up, your arms in for 50 seconds.

This is where you'reat.

If you are a beginner you don’t need any weight at all and you can actually standup if you would like.

Exercise number 2, you're going to be doingthis funky exercise.

I love this one.

You're going to start off like this, one foot onyour bench.

You're going to do 3 jump overs.

1, 2, 3.

Get up, down in front of it for aburpee.

Be careful when you jump your feet back.

Do a pushup, jump forward, and justget right back.

That's number 2.

Number 3, flutter kicks.

This is an ab exerciseand you're on your back and your bum.

Your back is straight, shoulders are back, andhands are behind your head.

You're going to keep your feet out and you're going to flutterkick.

You're going to lower yourself down, not all the way down, just to about here,and then come back up.

For a modification you can just give me flutterkicks and lean back.

You can also lay down for another modification and do your flutterkicks like that.

Always keeping your abs engaged.

That is number 3.

Number 4, you're going to need your weightsagain.

You're going to give me two stagger pushups.

So from pushup position you are goingto take 1 weight and go forward and give me a pushup.

Put it back.

Other arm.

Push up,now you're going to give me 2 lateral raises, and then do it again.

And number 5, from the plank position you'regoing to jump your feet forward, back, and turn for a Spiderman kick through.

Back tostarting position.

Forward, back, and the other side for a kick through, but I'm goingto go this way again.

So you're going to be doing alternating each side.

Those are your 5 exercises.

So, come on! Let'sgo! Awesome job, guys! I hope you enjoyed that workout.

You are on your way to gettingbeach body ready.

I will see you guys at the next workout.

I'm Melissa Ioja for ATHLEANXX for Women.