how to lose belly fat in one week here is a magical fat cutter drink this drink helps to reduce belly fat this drink should be taken at break fast it not only keeps you full but also supplies women's minerals and so many nutrients but the body along with burning excess fat this string is you instead energy and promote metabolism for this we need apple cinnamon turmeric GS eats orange juice and honey apple apple promotes weight loss apples are low in calories and full of fiber and nutrients it helps to grow the friendly bacteria in the stomach I perused the feeling of fullness and prevents or eating low sulfur content in apple helps in increasing water retention orange juice it is low in calories rich in vitamins minerals and nutrients boost immune system rich in antioxidants all in juice helps in healthy glowing skin cinnamon cinnamon burn belly fat it suppresses your appetite and keeps you feel full chia seeds they are rich in fiber they contain omega-3 fatty acids protein and the oxidant and various micronutrients chia seeds make the drink liquor soft chia seeds in water for 10 minutes turmeric powder it contained so many healthy benefits it helps in reducing fat it is having so many and a bacterial and and the implementing properties honey honey use instant energy and it gives needed sweetness to the drink let's start the process take a blender gel I are in juice in it Apple pieces in Amman picture of memory and honey start blending after blending take a serving glass add 2 tablespoon of chia seeds in it and for the juice into it Apple gse smoothie study having this drink early morning in break fast by following this regularly you can reduce belly fat in a short time thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos.

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