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first step to making thisdelicious dinner is to grab your beings of choice I like black beans but you canuse any means that you like organic is definitely preferred and you want toremove the labels because if you don't know the labels before you open the cansometimes that's a paper can get cut off and get mixed in with your beans whichisn't terrible but it's not ideal so I always remove the label's first and Ialso take my sponge and wipe off the tops to get them clean because who knowswhere the cans of the warehouses and transit and so I always like to do thatas well that's what I'm gonna do you remove the labels and opened the cansand I'm going to put the beans into my colander and rinse them really well thatwill help prevent from getting gas which is always a great thing ok so I do that and then I'll come backto you ok so I've got my rinsed and drained being now in my non-stickskillet user any other any school you like but on stickers great i love it andthen you want to add seasonings and spices to your beings and this iscompletely up to you out to show you what I use but feel free to adjust yourtaste and add your favorite Mexican type seasonings chiles and horrifying so Ihave to add a little bit of salt because we've raised our enemies are there mighthave been on the beans not get over salted and I just told themso now we have to pay pensions shoulder so we won't have that like all right andthen I like Chad its ground cumin good flavor and I love these Dave's gourmet packs itcomes with a lot of different types of Chile's dried chilies and they go frommore mild to hoddur so you can mix and match to your own taste and I reallyenjoy these and this will last a long time before you have to replace it so Ijust kind of had a mixture of what might be good I like Tripoli so I put a coupleof and ancho chile peppers ground it's coming off of everything open up wedon't want to open the floodgates and I don't know why I like spicy foods but Idon't like things particularly super hot so you know I'm probably a minority withthat but that's your flavorings whatever again and whatever other spices you'dlike to add and then I did because I T size mediumby pace you can add whatever songs or county sauce chili sauce this is just what I enjoy so that's whenI open so just put the rest of that and as I mentioned in an earlier rarely measure anything as is evidentand come to see the bets truly unless I'm baking something a dessert thatreally require accurate measuring baking breads or apastry then I really like to just rely on eyeballing it worked pretty well forme it just means less dishes and utensils for cleanup so that's always aplus I don't like doing dishes alright so now we're going to comment on ourheat and just put that on medium-high just to get it started in going can willgo ahead and and will probably want to add some water because the county doesnot have that much liquid in it so I had a little bit of water and also what Ilike to do to make it easier for stuffing or tacos or you can maketostadas however you going to use this feature is once they warm up a littlebit I will use the back of my spoon and mash mash them about half half tothree-quarters of them to their mashed so that way they're not rolling off ofyour taco tostada nachos he just makes him a little bitmore user-friendly t so I'm gonna add a little water as I say and then what thenwill get started on our shelves and we'll go to that step all right all right now to the next step while our being mixture is warming upand getting all those flavors nice and melded together we'll go ahead and getour taco shells going and this kind of particularly like because they areflat-bottomed and they just work so much more nicely then the other times theytraditional round bottom kind for being easy to stuff with your feeling so I usethese whenever possible and it tastes good and a true queries and only learnedabout how to keep your taco shells from closing up as you keep them a lot oftimes if you don't catch them at the exact moment to pull them out of theoven they will close out hard to build a matter of their stand and stuff or ornot so I trick I learned recently that works really well as you take yourtracker shells and you to get their closed up I'm sorry this coming out ofthe camera things at one time and so you wanna keepthese overlapped a little bit like so then you take a want is about the withyour show and you just parked there in that show on the air and what that doesis the key to that end show from closing probably want to keep the arms fromclosing and then these subsequent Charles can't close because they theshells I hope that makes it so that works really really well and so Irecommend that netted so I'm gonna go ahead and hop these in the oven for therecommended amount of time and going to go ahead and chopped my letters and getout my Greek yogurt which I use in place of sour cream I love it zero fat lowcalories and I used to be a sour cream snob and thought that I would never beable to stand anything other than sour cream but great Greek yogurt has workedbeautifully a lot and also got some jalapenos are hoping those toppingsradio shows in the oven and then i'll check back with you for simply alrightyso now our shells are big and warm and as you can see they still have theirlovely original shape so it works beautifully and now they're ready to bestuffed with our being mixture and this is similar to refried beans in that we've matched someof these read-write rate beings are completely washed but I like the textureof just somewhat match with some of the whole beans and there as well so this islooking really good and yummy flavors of melded together so go ahead and put thebeans and our shelves and they've also got my toppings I've got my chopped upin yo peppers and my chopped up lettuce and my three Greek yogurt which you cansee is super thick it's a consistency showering and just a little bit sour notlike regular you over and that to me it takes more sour so it definitely givesus as faction with 0% that so I will assemble these and come back to you withit finished presentation so here is our finished assembled taco dish and itlooks absolutely delicious is one of my favorite staple dinners that I run toyou because it's so fast and easy and go ahead make up a bunch of the beings canjust reheat those for subsequent meals and it makes it even faster but thisdish has absolutely no added fat the only fat in it is whatever might be inyour taco shells but you'll never miss your taste buds will never feel deniedits totally satisfying ng yummy and local so I hope they'll trythis at home and if your comment below how you like your foods do you likesuper spicy hot or do you prefer more my whole foods I'd love to know alright thanks so much for watching Ihope you enjoy this recipe and they all tried home.