Hey guys this is Silvia and today I am backwith another meal prep video! It's under $11 and then with snacks it's under $16! So asyou can see it's super super simple so I am not going to show you how I made the foodbecause it is ridiculously easy! You literally boil beans, boil some rice shred some carrots,but I am just going to explain everything that I do.

So over here we have 250 gramsof dried pinto beans that I just cooked by myself and I am going to have them with mylunch.

Then over here I have 250 grams of dried cooked brown rice.

That is.

80 CHF.

Here we have 100 grams of spinach and a whole bag was 2 CHF.

So I will have the rest ofthe bag throughout the week so it doesn't wilt and go bad since spinach tends to wiltquickly and in order to avoid that it's best to do it in small batches.

Then of coursewe have our shredded carrots since I love carrots.

I shred 1.

5kg of carrots and thenI love steaming them.

Over here I have 1 head of cauliflower that was only.

99 CHF thatwas on sale so I took advantage.

Then I have 1 head of celery root which is so good! 100grams of dried split peas cooked since that's all I had left.

Of course, I love blood orangessince they are in season right now and that's 5.

60 CHF for all 4kg so that is going to lastme through the week and 1.

7kg of bananas which was 1.

39 CHF and last but not least I have1 head of cauliflower that I will roast later in the week.

I only meal prepped about 7 mealsso if you will be eating more just go ahead and cook some brown rice and beans and somemore spinach in the fridge.

All of this with snacks is 16 CHF so you can literally havethis throughout the week and it's very inexpensive to eat healthy and vegan it's so so cheap!And another tip is to eat very very simple meals just because it's so much better fordigestion if you keep things simple instead of doing really weird extravagant meals thattake you forever to make and leave you bloated and tired so just keep thing simple.

Havemaybe some broccoli with brown rice in one meal and then later have some beans and carrots.

This will have a flatter stomach! I hope you enjoyed my meal prep so please give it a thumbsup and like, share this video with your vegan friends!.