weight loss is something that talk about all over everybody wants to hear a little bit there and it's hard you have to go on these draconian diets exercise like a theme and that clearly works the problem is none of us really stick to it but there's data about a new way to help us before capitalism our way and so involved with called the bottom you have a home or back to you when you do to show these accurate for human catalyzer food they control your hormone levels many other things and there were several studies done in the last year i just want to mention truth because I think there will transform hilarious the first was with you artificial artificial sweeteners came out they were the greatest food right they hit our sweet tooth if they were absorbed zero tolerance so he was the perfect and then some clever researchers gave them to my is what they did was they gave these artificial and after several weeks they all have markers of diabetes so then they actually gave me antibiotics first on the by the organization No so what happened these artificial sweeteners they weren't absorbed but they changed the bacterial microbiome and push our system so the way that it's very hard to wait on drinking cup of diet today that will trend for obviously these artificial sweetener business but also how we start to think about how I grew up cleveland clinic in this study they do standing and it relieved diabetes were very large very old but at the same time overtime they lost some way outfit really guide gives you another way wasn't because something smaller because back to Game Change if you take bacteria very fat human get your skin email they gain weight true so over the next five years were actually going to look at changes in microbial to help us capitalism and our way there will be one of the major transformation to happen.

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