hey everyone welcome back so today's workout is going to be a very intense cardio ass workout it's basically a combination of apps work out and hit cardio so yeah all in one you're going to be burning those fats and getting that really nice apps it's going to be quite intense but don't give up guys just keep trying you're going to get stronger and stronger and you're gonna see the results like really soon so yeah that's about it and let's get started so guys today we have 16 exercises 45 seconds each with 15 seconds break you can start with 40 seconds or even 30 seconds if you're new to working out as always it is recommended to warm up before any exercises so you can do jumping jacks like Jo or anything really first exercise we'll have here is high knee bring your knee up as high as you can and do it as fast as you can let's put in [Music] this is a great whole body exercise to get your heart rate up and also really great for your abs especially the lower abs so guys if you can't complete 45 seconds you can start off with 40 seconds first take 20 seconds break 45 seconds can be a bit long so you can take a few seconds break in between if you need to it's totally okay just rest up and continue you would get easier and easier I promise [Music] the second exercise we have today is bicycle crunch bring your knee in and touch it with the opposite elbow remember to keep your core tight T anyway guys it was actually my first time doing this routine this video and soon you'll see that I was struggling too it was also my first heat and abs workout since I got back from Italy so I was definitely nice Fitness before but I push through it so yeh and let me tell you guys this routine makes me sweat like crazy probably not as much as most people because I just don't sweat much but just after a few times doing this I feel so much stronger and better and my abs is definitely showing up more so try it out and let me know what you think next is burpees this is a great whole body exercise start in the squat position and jump back with full feet then jump back into a squat position again and jump up if you want it to be more challenging you can add a push up to keep pushing guys you can do this hell yourself you can and you can do it let's push it guys I tried to fight song please don't we can do together if we just try and as long as we that you've never [Music] next up we have Big Crunch this is basically a crunch without your back laying on the ground you can rest your hands next to your hips or once you're stronger you can even lift your hands off the ground so you're solely using your abs and legs muscles to do this movement [Music] [Music] is our kingdom [Music] next is gem squad this is a great whole body exercise try to squat as low as you can then jump up as high as you can you will be using your linked muscles and also your core muscles so light muscles are the biggest muscle group in your body so working these big muscle groups will also help you burn more calories at rest if you're looking at this video you're probably looking to burn some calories so that's the reason why I split today's workout into half whole body workout and half abs workout so this will allow you to burn much more and burn those fats away yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] next we have flank with hip twist this is probably one of my favorite plank exercise it works on my obliques and planking in general is really great for your core muscles [Music] next we have another variation of hiney this works on your leg muscles and also on the core I do a little crunch with my abs when I lift my leg up so that I feel it more on my abs you can also choose to do a normal high knee or mountain climbers those are really great too [Music] now we have cross body climbers bring one leg in at a time with your knee almost touching the opposite elbow as close as you can since we have been doing quite a bit of cardio moves with the squats and all that I reckon it is a lot better to do this more controlled so you can focus more on your core muscles [Music] next up is power jacks this is basically a jumping jack with a sumo squat so start with a sumo squat as slow as you can with your arms next to your legs then jump up like a jumping jack do an explosive jump not a lazy jump you want to work your muscles and burn more I am so sorry for doing this to you guys but no pain no gain guys if you want the apps you gotta work hard work [Music] now we have single leg AB hops bring one leg up with the knee bends and hop for three times before swapping to the next side [Music] [Music] next up we have violence that in a push-up position then bring one leg to the side of your hand Lewis buses can also tired by now but keep pushing guys we can do this together and also if you're not too flexible like me and then you might find it difficult to bring your feet next to your hand so just bring it as closer head so to the side of the body [Music] next we have behold face pop your upper body and your lower body off the ground try to keep your back as straight as possible doing this keeping your legs as straight as possible also makes this exercise so much more difficult I was really struggling at this point I kept my knee bent a little to bring it straight is harder but it also works on your quads more so if your quads a bit sore then bend your knee a little and also remember to keep your back straight as possible we are already talking this in so good job guys so if you need to take a few seconds break doing this take it rest stop and continue [Music] next we have reverse lunge step 1 lay back at a time make sure your front knee doesn't pass it is so simple at this point lunge seems like the best exercise ever it works on your Courtin legs but it is not super intense of course you can make it more intense by doing jumping lunges and that will definitely bring your hurry up even more [Music] next we have low plank pop sat in the low plank position and hop left and right with your feet [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] this is our second last exercise jumping jacks we are almost there keep going guys [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I tried the song side please don't we can do came together if we just try [Music] now finally we're finishing it off with a plank keep your back as straight as possible don't stick your butt out because you won't feel it as much on your abs and make sure you squeeze your abs keep going guys we are almost done [Music] [Music] and that's it Congrats for finishing this workout now keep yourself hydrated and it clean to get nice abs please give this video a thumbs up if you liked it and subscribe if you want more fitness videos yeah thanks for watching and I'll see you guys soon.

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