hi viewers here is an effective flat Billy drink which helps to get rid of unwanted fat on your belly for this we need water garlic and lemon let us know the midst of values of the ingredients garlic garlic is a wonderful hub having so many medicinal properties garlic helps to reduce fat in the body lemon lemon is rich in vitamin C and it is a great antioxidant lemon is having so many weight loss properties in it now let's start the process take a glass of water and lemon juice mix it well now chew raw garlic clows and drink that water on empty stomach repeat this on every day early morning on an empty stomach within two weeks of usage you Start using abdominal fat repeat this for one month for effective results this juice is more delicious and healthy this drink promotes metabolism immunity and helping fat burn this drink is great solution for burning the stubborn belly fat thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos.

Source: Youtube