what's up champ! I'm Vince Del Monte of GeneExpressionTraining.

Com In this video by popular demand we're going to add a new workout to our screw cardio series.

The last time I uploaded a video of this nature's it received over 300,000 views in less than a month.

You guys love these workouts so I'm going to give you guys a new one and if you're trying to burn fat we need effective exercises.

We need to be training anaerobically.

We need to still be using heavy weights we got to be getting a lot of work done in a small amount of time.

Did you know that the more cardio you do the more efficient you become at it.

Isn't that good Vince? Don't you want to become efficient ? NO you don't want to become efficient.

What that means is you're getting less and less for more and more.

The more cardio you do the less you get out of it alright so exercise one here you guys can see me doing Romanian deadlifts with a jump alright we're doing five reps here all right.

That's it.

Just five reps now you can also see I'm not using a baby weight here I don't tell you how much weight you use in a second right after this exercise we're going to go right into bent over rows notice that I didn't put the weight down alright this is a smooth transition from one exercise to the next right after five bent over rows we're going to go into a push press alright if you need to use your hips a bit that's okay here I'm actually not I'm just stabilizing my core and really trying to get my shoulders working because I need more shoulder work after this we are going to go right into a back squat alright five reps once you've completed 5 5 5 that is one set.

Today as your first introduction to this workout you're just going to do this 5 times you're going to take two minutes rest in between each round alright if you want to see how this is built up over the next 11 weeks I've laid it out in the description below now a lot of people say oh this is just CrossFit.

This is NOT CrossFit.

This is far from CrossFit.

This is far superior to CrossFit because there's an actual progression model built in and it allows you to get better at this.

We're going to actually build up your work capacity knowing that we're doing the same workout with more weight over a period of time we do have to be aware that working with the barbell working at a faster pace working with a decent weight sets us up for injury potential.

No doubt about it.

So here's some things I'm thinking about while I'm doing these exercises next time through here as I'm doing the Romanian deadlifts the big idea here is to move your hips alright this isn't a hinge movement where we're just dumping all the load into our spine we actually want to load the glutes you want to load the hamstrings you want to keep our core engaged I'm actually thinking about flexing my trunk forward here so there's actually even a degree of trunk contraction I'm actually contracting using my trunk to pull me down and then as I get into that stretched position I jump back up alright on this next exercise, the Bent Over Rows, there's two things I'm thinking about creating a platform using my feet by pushing into the ground and by driving my hips back that's going to create a flat table with my front so that I've got actually musculature to contract again alright if you want to challenge your back in a bent over row we need a strong core for now for this version I like to keep my elbows out but if you feel better keeping your elbows turned in we want to load the shoulders all right if you're starting to fatigue which you will by the third set, forth set fifth set this is actually gonna start off easy a lot of you guys to get the first round second round no problem you'll start to lose reps on the third and fourth fifth round you can start losing your hips here okay so your hips can come back kind of like a deadlift motion and then you can drive through the floor to help you get the weight from the bottom position and you can finish it off with your shoulders and triceps now going from the third exercise to the fourth exercise be careful here.

You do you have to lower the bar slowly as you're going into the back squat here I just don't drop this on to your thoracic spine lower it slowly till you find your traps get into position and then you're going to go into your back squat I like doing this in the power rack because I can rack the weight and I don't have to like actually do another shoulder press and take it off so ideally you're doing this in a power rack so that you don't have that challenge of getting the weight off your back at the end if you don't have a power rack another alternate is to do front squat is the last exercise so you not allow you just to go from a reverse from a clean to reverse clean and lower the weight down to the floor if you enjoy that barbell complex workout you'll love my program called shredded and six it's the first and only non cardio fat loss system which includes over a dozen workouts like this that you can start incorporating into your current weight training program dump the cardio do this instead you're gonna get harder you're going to look better you're going to lean out quicker you're going to increase your metabolism you're going to have a much more attractive much more aesthetic much more athletic looking physique doing this than walking on a treadmill going on in elliptical and you have a better quality of life as well alright that's a link in the description below very small investment actually my best-selling program of all time people love these workouts because they get way better results in far less time they're way smarter they're very challenging if you're up for a challenge so have at it I'll see you guys again [Music].

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