hi there my name's tony and you'llprobably hear watching this video because you're a male or female and you're having trouble losing weight after 40 someone who is 40 years old myself Iknow how difficult it can be to lose weight it's certainly not as easy as what itwas maybe 10 years ago so I'm just in my home gym I thought I'd just shoot this quickvideo just to to tell you that I I really do feel your pain but the imagethat I'm gonna put on the screen now is on the left is just a few years ago andi have since lost more than 50 pounds so far in weight and there's still somemore to go and I'm still losing it now so what I thought I'd do we share withyou some things that really helped me along the way and i'll do that and in alink directly below this video if you click on that i'll show you five stepsthat really helped me in losing weight after 40 and the things i'll share withyou you probably won't find anywhere else because well what I did find wasdiets and exercise just don't have the same effect when you hit 40 years oldand there are certain things you can do to really help setting things I foundthat really help to speed up the process and to help me lose the way and to keepthe way off so if you just click the link below thisvideo and I'll tell you straight to a page where i'll give you the five stepsand i'll see you on that page thanks for watching.

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