Hey guys it's Kelli from Fitnessblender.

Com and today I have a HIIT workout for you for people who get bored easily sowe're going to be doing a different exercise for every single interval sothis should fly right by things could get interesting here I've included your warmup let's go aheadand get started alright so for our cardio warm up we'regoing to be doing 25 seconds of each of these exercises we're starting off niceand light just jogging in place so get your feet moving so I'm not exactly sure how this isgonna go i haven't practiced this routine but we're going to be doing likeI said a different exercise for every single HIIT interval so, it could be fun, if you could ever call hit fun – we'll seehow this goes so next up we're going to be doing ahigh knee march, so pulling up each knee one at a time – get your arms in there too – and pull up as you up as high as you can you won't need any equipment for this, so you can technically do this anywhere all right five seconds & I'm going toswitch to a Buttkicker row so right here nice and slow stillpulling your arms back and bring that foot up to kick yourself in the butt so we're warming up our arms our upperback and the front of the thighs five seconds & I'm going to switch to twofront kicks so alternating out in front here one then the other bring your arms intoit if you like it's definitely a total body routine, hitting all of the muscle groups at some way or another here except for doing an overhead stretch plus a toe touch so; windmill your arms up, stretch, andthen come down.

Keep your back flat so you get a good stretch through yourlower back and the back your thighs come back up up next we're gonna be doing a walk down so walking your hands up one at a timeuntil you're full plank.

Walk yourself back up.

So this is good for warming upyour arms and again you're legs and the backs of your thighs okay next up we have reverse lunges.

Coming up niceand tall, back behind yourself drop down right between those two feet squeeze your glutes pull your cord next up, side lunges.

so coming here you can go down to onefoot in the center so keep that leg that you're leaning away from straight this is gonna be tough, it's hot in heretoday not a good sign when you're sweating pretty good during the warm up! we're going to pick up the pace a littlebit here the next we're going to do butt kickers fast this time so nice and light on your feet.

Move asquickly as you can especially once you get warmed up, start pressing for speed.

five seconds switch to squats, which we're going to be doing a lot of today so you want your feet aboutshoulder-width apart and you're sinking down, sticking your butt out behindyou so that the majority of your weight is in your heels and keep your back flat,your eyes up at the wall in front of you squeeze on the way up keep your core nice and tight to protectyour back.

Next up is a curtsy lunge so back and behind yourself, up in thecenter.

I highly recommend music during this routine turn on somethingthat motivates you, get ready to work.

Next up, our last warm-up interval isjumping jacks.

Nice and light on your feet, make sure you're getting a full range ofmotion and then pick up the speed once you get comfortable five seconds left alright so that is our warm-up, we'll beright back! We're going to be doing 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest for all of these differentexercises and we're starting off with high knees so here we go take a good deep breathstart it up Get your knees nice & high, try to land nice and soft, and move as quickly as you can That's halfway! My ponytail is already bailing on me in the first 10 seconds! three two and one alright so this is anactive rest so keep your feet moving, to at least a boxer shuffle next up we're doing mountain climbers soget ready here we go again as fast you can.

Try to pull in your core Halfway right there hey relax – ok so next up we're doing aski squat to a sumo squat the good thing about all these is atleast they're only 20 seconds, right? Here we go so narrow out too wide and back.

Again,landing nice and soft here, and going down only as far as you can control butpush-up hard five seconds.

– Alright, those are done.

next we're gonna be doing lateral jumps.

Five seconds rest.

here we go jump as far as you can to each side.

10seconds left 5 4 3 2 & 1 all right next up, Burpees, because whatis a HIIT workout without Burpees? I'm sorry it's a must 🙂 here we go; down, jump up as hard as youcan halfway already.

alright so next up we're doing split jumps.

Five seconds, take a deep breath 2, 1 – here we go ten seconds Alright, next up we're doing sidestep jumps.

These are fun.

starting in 321 – come down to a squatmove to the side and explode upwards.

go down as low as you can control hold it there, step & jump.

3 seconds left all right relax.

Next up we have aspider-man push up So get down.

Here we go you're stepping up by that foot and thendo a push-up motion good for range motion and its' a total body exercise make sure you're breathing.

Next up we're doing a single leg jackknife here we go five seconds left ok next we're doing broad jumps, so jumping in one direction as hard as we can & then back the other here we go – wind up and jump as far asyou can, turn and go again.

Make sure you're turning in a different direction each time.

About five seconds left alright rest Next up we have a jumping lunge, 5 seconds of rest left.

Here we go; so down, pop up so the other way; you can also split it inhalf come to the center and then go down.

Next: "round of applause" here the exercise – we're not going to applaud until it's over.

Down, clap your feet, then come up & clap your hands.

ok fast feet are next.

we're going to sink into a squat & move our feet as fast as we can.

here we go sit down, & get those feet moving Keep going! oh my gosh! Okay, next up is up and outjacks.

here we go so out, and then in front Pick up the pace as you get morecomfortable ten seconds.

3,2,1 and relax.

Next, tostar jumps! If you get too tired right here – if you feel a little too winded to do it safely, make modifications all right interval before we take a quick break Whew! Now: 2 knees plus a switchfoot okay we're going to take a quick waterbreak don't stop moving, we'll be right back injust a second so we're starting back into this withgetups, so we're going to be doing a crunch then going up to touch our toes.

So startout flat on your back, again we're doing 20 seconds on, 10 seconds rest – hopeyou're still with me! Here we go; come up, tap your toes,stretch back out and go for that other toe as quickly as you can Next up we're doing plankjacks.

So flip over and you're going to be doing a plank of your choice – you can go nice & low or come up for a tall plank.

We'll be hopping our feet together & apart as fast as you can.

Try to get your body ina straight line.

Next up we're doing power skips,alternating back and forth jumping up as hard as you can two, one – here we go; up, and then the other side try to get your upper body in there, evenif it's a small range of motion do your best to push up as hard as youcan.

Next is a side lunge center jump.

We're lunging off to one side and then jumpingin the center Tap that toe, then jump up hard in the center Try to land soft; keep knees slightly bent and jump up all the way – make sure you're nice and straight in the center jump up like you mean it! Alright relax for just a second.

We'redoing squat hold burpees.

Take a deep breath.

Here we go; drop down and stay right here the do another be a kick-out Next up:push-ups so choose your level of difficulty; if you'vegot enough gas left to do a full push up, do a full one for as long as you can we go oh my gosh Just move to an easier version when you get tired – if you burn out completely just stay right here with a good bendyour elbows and pull in your core Next, the Russian twist so again pick your difficulty; if youwanna get your feet out further it's harder.

You're doing a trunkrotation and range of motion is more important than speed here.

Try toget the full twist.

Put your feet up further to make it harder, or you canrest them on the ground to make it easier.

popping back up now, we're doing Ozsquats; we going into a squat and then jumping up as hard as you can andclicking your heels together.

Here we go Drop down, explode upwards bring the feet together halfway Next up we're doing a power curtsy Just two more active intervals to take aquick break again – we're almost done already so here you go; curtsy behind yourself come up and jump in the center Relax.

Last one here We're doing – 2 high kicks + a jump deep breath So on the same foot, you've got 1 & 2 kicks, then jump up as hard as you can Quick break and we'll beright back ok so we're here with the last leg ofthis HIIT routine and we're starting off with rocket squat.

So we're sinking down in three increments and then jumping up as hard as we can 1,2,3 and off – or 3,2,1 & off Just make sure you're squeezingyour muscles the entire time and jump up as hard as you can, then land nice and soft Now we're going into a tall plank,and we're going to pushing up and putting your butt up in the air using yourupper body, and then bring one toe and tap up near your hands.

here we go so up and then bring knee up & in all right stand back up next we're doingbutt kicker drops.

We're gonna be doing three butt kickers and then drop down totouch the ground in a squat.

here we go; one two three and down, onetwo three and down.

So start with a different leading leg each time to mixthings up, keep your body guessing & your mind in the game Next up, what do we have? We have three pulse lunges.

So same with the squat; 3,2,1 lunge, and switch okay next up we have tricep dip kicks.

Come down, here we're pressing up while we kick a foot out – so kick one foot and then the other.

Have your arms going straight out behind you to target those triceps, the back ofyour arms keep it going three seconds left Alright we're going to flip over, nextwe're doing an up-down plank Go down down, up up, down down, up up Try to lead with a different arm each time Next up: front kicks + squats kick in the front, and then one squat Alright, here we go; so down and squat.

Use nice smooth motions, keep everything nice and tight.

Pull in your core and squeezeyour glutes on the way up from the squat and again when you're kicking keep yourabs really tight here So next up we have stutter jacks – so thisone's gonna be hard we're nice and tired.

Here we're breakingour jumping jacks into 3 increments so one two three One two one two, andthen once you get the hang of it and pick up the pace five seconds left Next we have a split jump squat three two one here we go so apart, apartand down.

Again you want to lead with a different leg each time.

Over halfway done.

Next up we have my fly jack's – oneminute and a half of work left here! here we go, so again nice light on yourfeet & move as quickly as you can Don't forget to breathe! ten seconds three two one all right next up we have plyo sidelunges three two one here we go so down tap your foot and then come tothe center so you're staying leaned on that side, long enough to kick the foot & tap that heel.

Keep your back nice and flat Last interval and we're going to finish up with squat jumps so really finish those legs off so go as hard as you can okay that is it! So make sure that youcool down and stretch after this; we'll provide a link to cool down for you.

Drink lots of water when you're donehere, otherwise good job guys; this workout is complete!.

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