hi there my name is Tony and you'reprobably watching this video because you're looking for weight loss for men over 40 picture here is my before and after andon the left was just clears ago and on the right is what I look like now andI've lost more than 50 pounds in that time so I thought I just makes video toshare some tips with you on just a few things that really helped me to lose theweight and keep it off so the first one is to keep food downhere and this might seem a little bit tedious at first but you really need toknow the foods that you eat the foods that you can zoom in and if you don't itcan be easy to think you've not eaten a lot but when you actually keep a Daveyeverything that you meet him including how many calories I mean thatit's easy to see how many calories are eating every day and you can cut out alot of things by doing that so that was the first thing that helpedme the second thing was one thing i heard a weight loss product whichbasically get off the seat move your feet which means you need to exercise you know you can try and eat less andeat healthier but unless you combine that with exercise you're going tostruggle I know when I started exercising the shereally made a difference to the amount of weight i was losing I didn't do a lot just 30 minutes mondayto friday every day and I have weekends off I didn't I didn't exercise on sat therewith some day I just exercise for 30 minutes Monday to Friday and that was it the last one is to allow yourself onetree it is something you really enjoy eatingeven if it's not the most nutritious thing you could eat allowyourself to have it because there's no point in being miserable when you'retrying to lose weight and it gives you something to look forward to you know that you maybe do more exerciseon certain days because you looking forward to that tree so those sweet things really made adifference to me and help me lose the way that I without actually lost so ihope that helped you I hope you succeed in your own weightloss journey there's there's some of the tips I can share with you and just clickthe link directly below this video in the description and i'll share thosetips review ok that's all for now thanks forwatching.

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